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You wouldn’t think of starting your day in any other way than with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or would you?        

Countless studies have been conducted to measure the effects on our health when we regularly consume coffee and though there may be a few positive effects, they are far outweighed by the negative effects of consuming coffee.

These negative effects are only compounded when we add chemical-laden, sugary creamers and still more sugar to each cup of coffee. This is aside from the fact that coffee is one of the most contaminated food products available due to the heavy use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides on coffee plantations around the world - go organic! 

Eliminating coffee from your diet, or even reducing the amount of coffee you consume each day, is a worthy goal that will have great positive effects on your overall health. Eliminating coffee will help restore your blood sugar metabolism to a healthy level. It also allows your liver to work more efficiently, increasing the body’s ability to neutralize and expel toxins.


There are a few alternatives to replace your current morning brew, including green teas, which are rich in antioxidants and contain enough caffeine to lessen any withdraw symptoms you may experience. Herbal blends, such as dandelion root blends, are also popular coffee substitutes that provide extra nutrients and boost your health. Some people have found that a simple glass of warm lemon water is a good replacement beverage.

If the energy boost you feel from coffee is all you really crave, try adding a short fitness plan to your morning routine. Light to moderate exercise will leave you feeling energized without the use of a caffeine stimulant. Adjusting your sleeping schedule to allow for more quality sleep will also give you more energy while curbing withdraw symptoms, such as irritability.

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