Guidance for controlling asthma at home

Medicines and advanced treatment is certainly a boon that has alleviated the physiological sufferings of millions worldwide. However following a healthy regime in everyday life ensures the maintenance of optimum body metabolism, as well strengthen the immunity. Asthma is constriction of respiratory tract caused when triggered by allergies, air pollutants, respiratory tractsinfections, emotional stress, certain weather conditions or sulphites in food intake.Though people profoundly relyon medications to relieve from asthma attack and inhalers have proved to be the most effective way to counteract asthma attacks.But there are several home remedies which when incorporated in one’s lifestyle cut down exposure to asthma allergen and substantially reduce the possibilities of asthma onset symptoms.

Let’s have a look at the measures we can adapt to in our day-to-day domestic practice to avoid triggering asthma.

The First DO:

Air-conditioning is must in your household and work premises if you’re aware of having any medical history of chronic asthma. It significantly reduces the dust allergens in your immediate environment as well as regulates the amount of humidity that eliminates chances of triggering asthmatic attack. Also one having acute asthma in bloodline should be extra-cautious and take precautions beforehand even without any subtle incident of asthmatic onset. But you need to be clear about one thing “maintain normal room temperature of not below 20 degrees centigrade”as you definitely have no intensions to trigger the asthmatic attack by inhaling cool air.

The first Don’t:

You’re definitely not allowed to have pets if you have any medical condition that suggests asthma. Pet dander and ever-shedding pet hairs are inevitable to be controlled; they are bound to trigger asthmatic attack more often.Almost all types of asthma are hyper-sensitive and cause bronchioles to narrow down instantaneous to all allergen from pets;irrespective of the intensity of your asthmatic condition or the genera of your pet in this regard.

The Final DO:

Having asthma does not necessarily mean you require abstaining from being active.Though asthmatic patients tend to bogged down with breathing trouble while trying to get involved in any vigorous activity It’s not the world’s end;certain amount of regular exercise eventually strengthen the heart and lungs functions. Moreover overweight and obesity can worsen asthma conditions besides elevating the risk of other associated health problems. If at all needed medical aid and treatments are capable of rapid control of symptoms as well as preventing asthma attacks during initial days of exercise by inducing muscle relaxant effects. However to avoid cold temperatures prefer wearing face masks so that the air you breathe do not have the excess chill to trigger the onset of asthmatic attack.

The final Don’t:

You definitely need to watch out what you ingest if you’re certain about being asthmatic. While no stringent diet is to be followed by asthmatic patients one unfailingly need be cautious about avoiding extremely spicy or gastric acid secretion stimulating food. Because it may generate acid reflux on prolong persistence that will ultimately result in acidity and heartburn, damaging lung airways thereby intensifying the trauma of asthmatic attack. Treatment options are to be consulted with doctor if frequent acidity occurs as any chances of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD) should be completely eliminated for asthma control medicines to work and in order to improve any asthmatic symptoms.

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